Design and construction of modern terem
Houses with a beautiful space and a thoughtful lifestyle.
Heritage and modernity
Terem is an experience of combining Russian and Vedic architecture with a modern level of comfort
Which creates an environment that promotes health, longevity, and the fastest energy revival. All due to its proportions and interior arrangement.
Beauty in a combination of volume and shape
Design by the golden section
Multilevel facilities
Observation towers and terraces
Assembly principle
Terem is a thoughtful construction built to solve your family's specific problems.
This is accomplished not at the expense of increasing the area, but due to the principles of ergonomics, technical design, zoning and multi-purpose use of space, which also creates a sense of spaciousness that ordinary apartments and houses so often lack.
As you can see, Terem absorbs the embodiment of the best ideas about the beauty and comfort of a Russian person who deeply respects his roots and wants to pass this feeling on to children and grandchildren and wants them to grow in a magnificent cultural environment, taking in the best.
We offer you the design project and its construction at the price of an ordinary house!
Preliminary design
Architectural and constructive solution 1000 ք / m2
Building from 12 500 ք / m2
Application for design
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Preliminary design
Architectural solution
Constructive solution
Floor Plans
Facades 4 pieces.
Incisions of the house 2 pcs.
Bill of Quantities
Dimensional detailed plan (floors with details)
Extended specification (windows, doors, lintels)
Roof plan
Foundation Plan
The plan of the rafter system
Details and units (roof overhangs, ridge knots)
Marking plan for window openings, doors
1 month
2 weeks
1 Week
Payment plan:
40% prepayment we draw up a technical task for the project
30% payment after the approval of the general concept

30% upon the completion of work.
Terem is a way of organizing living space.
It can be accomplished with different materials and construction technologies.

If you decide to build a log house, we can implement this project ourselves.

However, if you decide on a different material, we will help with the choice of the contractor. So that your project is implemented in high quality and on time.

To create your tower - terem, we will design it specifically for you,
taking into account the shape of the site, the location of the road, cardinal directions, the needs of the family, the appearance and the material.

Fill out the house questionnaire and receive a free consultation on the project:
The questionnaire will help to envisage and deal with a variety of domestic details in the initial stage Learn more

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In addition to creating unique projects, we guarantee high quality of execution of your project.
Guarantees, fixed in the contract:

If you are not satisfied with the quality of logging or wood, we will refund your prepayment
Fix price
All additional costs at our expense
Every 10 days a photo report about the work done
Signing of the contract and the beginning of construction
Prepayment is made in 22% of the cost of work
And a phased payment of all the works
Photo report every 10 days
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Transportation and assembly of the log house on your site
Final calculation
The log cabin sits from 4 to 6 months.

After shrinkage - carrying out of furnish of a house on a turn-key basis, garbage removal and final delivery of object.
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The technology of dense edges provides heat and durability at home, and work without intermediaries provides an acceptable price with high quality.
Compasses with double level
Ensures the accuracy of the connection of logs and the strict verticality of the grooves.
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The bowl of a bowl
Provides a tight fit of the edges of the bowl, which makes the angle more dense and warm, precedes the appearance of hangnails on the bowl - a clear line - aesthetic appearance.
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Round groove
A close fit of the logs is a warm groove. Large area of the groove compared with the triangular. The ax clamps the wood fibers and the groove does not accumulate moisture-dryness.
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Those who have finished reading - a terse album
Thanks to painstaking and multilateral work on understanding the heritage of Russian wooden architecture, conducted by V.V. Suslov, in 1903 appeared the famous album of architectural fantasies "Russian Architecture on the legends of the people of antiquity." It included 100 author's illustrations, in which Suslov expressed his feedback and personal impressions obtained during the study of ancient monuments of folk architecture.

Thanks to this album we can see the palace mansion in all their glory. It is important to note that V.V. Suslov wore the title of academician of architecture, very honorable at that time and was an acknowledged practitioner.

V.V. Suslov said: "All the conclusions based on the study of art monuments, as well as in general all figurative remnants of antiquity, have the greater value that they rely on illustrative examples, on reality, as if resurrected before our eyes."This gives grounds to take seriously his album as a visual aid in Russian style.
Our team:
Egorov Alexey
Production Manager
Before tackling the felling, Alexei controlled the assembling of Mercedes cars for three years at the Daimler Chrysler plant in Germany. The same level of quality and attitude to the instrument he sets in our production.
Merkulev Igor
Project department
He leads the development of teremostroeniyu. Is engaged in the creation and coordination of projects with customers, PR - communication with the public, promotion.
Firsov Oleg
Director, quality control
Earlier, Oleg worked as deputy director of the Criminal Code "Trust". Strictness and diligence allows him to conduct key negotiations, is engaged in supplying and monitoring the observance of the interests of the customer in production.
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